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[Anxious-Domo] Jormungous 02

By Belldandy-sama on May 1, 2012

There were so many good Koko reaction faces in this episode, it was hard to choose just one…

My extensive effort attempting to denoise this was rendered moot when we acquired much better looking caps. This comes at the cost of being even less compressible, so we unanimously decided ordered chapters were called for. Continue reading below for further details about the encodes.

Delay was partially due to lack of experience with ordered chapters… ^^;

[00:06] Tormaid > oh my god
[00:06] Tormaid > she turns around twice

1v2 soon

Download: Torrent [Magnet]
OP/ED: Torrent [Magnet]

My original plan was was to mostly denoise this and apply a light layer of grain over it to hide the splotches left over. Why not completely denoise it? Doing so would erase stupid amounts of detail during dark scenes, even line art (despite stacks of masking lines). There’s just too much grain. While I was able to pull this off to a degree, it still wasn’t ideal without scene-filtering out the dark scenes and leaving them alone. Then comes the issue of compressibility, again. The added grain was less compressible, even when applied very lightly, and only to dark areas of the frame. In the end, since we had to sacrifice something, we chose to use mostly unfiltered encodes and try to strike a balance between compressibility and grain retention. Dark scenes look very good, we sacrificed very little detail and the stronger grain forced higher bitrate allocation, and thus better grain retention. Bright scenes are a toss up. I actually chose to denoise the very brightest areas of the frame, because you can barely even see the grain there and it was just eating bitrate for no reason. If you look at the above screenshot, you can see the state of the grain during normal lighting. No, it doesn’t look spectacular. However, in motion it’s really not so bad. Ultimately, I think this was the best of several not-so-appealing choices presented me.

Haters gonna hate.


[Anxious-Domo]Jorumngrain - 01

By Belldandy-sama on Apr 13, 2012

Chicks can totally brofist.

This will be our main project this season and it is a joint with our pals over at Anxious-he. This show is about guns and world peace and… yeah, just watch it…

Props to LeonHo who masterfully ktimed the OP for us.

Download: Torrent [Magnet]

Encoder Notes: It’s huge! WTF?! Since all you’re going to do in the comments is complain about the filesize I will address that now. This show has a constant layer of moving grain on top of being about people who blow things /other people up non stop at night. Any group who manages filesizes much smaller than this did so by sacrificing substantial amounts of detail and will look like shit, see here. Next week we may switch to using ordered chapters, which would save roughly 200mb per episode.

Ano Natsu de Matteru episode 12

By Belldandy-sama on Apr 1, 2012

I wonder what she has up her sleeves this time...

Hey there, Bell here. Ano Natsu ep. 12 is out, sorry for the delay. We had... problems. Our encoder was sick and that was the only thing holding us back from release.

I seriously hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. If you have any questions or want stuff explained about what happened, find me on IRC, I\'ll be more than willing to explain.

720 8 Bit: Torrent
720 10 Bit: Torrent

Final thoughts:

the1 (editor): This was the first anime series I’ve worked on from start to finish as an editor. I had tons of fun working with everyone, especially Tormaid. Fistbumps fellow camerafag I do some cinematography and post production as a side hobby, so I really loved the whole “film-making” theme. And yes, I cried at the ending, it was so emotional. Lastly, I would like to thank everyone for being loyal and patient every week, even when we made silly mistakes with the script. Till next time, folks!

lygerzero0zero (TLC): I’m sorry for the bad puns.

Belldandy-sama (typesetter): I loved working on this series. Not only because it was really good and reminded me a lot of Onegai Teacher, but also because I liked working with EveTaku and Anxious-he. Also, the connection made during the last episode made it 10x better. You’ll see what I mean when you watch it. ( ¬‿¬)

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 2

By Belldandy-sama on Jan 18, 2012

I would like waking up to this sight...

Hey there, Bell here. Ano Natsu ep. 2 is out, sorry for the delay. Our encode takes a lot longer than anticipated.

No I am not seeding this release. Arche just forgot to make the release post when I was looking on here this morning so I decided to make it. Also, stole this image from EveTaku...

720 8 Bit: Torrent
720 10 Bit: Torrent
XVID: Torrent

Edit: Since DDLs are dead basically, I\'ve gone ahead and removed them. Also added xvid.

MajiKoi 4 Rerelease, 5 and 6 Release

By Belldandy-sama on Nov 7, 2011

I wonder how she got in that position...

So... sorry about the delay with MajiKoi 5 and 6. But we got them released.

Episode 5 is our own encode since transport streams were made available day before yesterday. So we have a 10 Bit option as well.

We also decided to re-release episode 4 because it was missing the preview... and we got a Transport stream for it.

Episode 4: 8 Bit Torrent DDL | 10 Bit Torrent DDL
Episode 5: 8 Bit Torrent DDL xDelta3 | 10 Bit Torrent DDL xDelta3 | Script for v2
Episode 6: Torrent DDL

MajiKoi 5 Delayed

By Belldandy-sama on Oct 30, 2011

Sorry guys, but with our TL\'s power out because of the snow storm hitting the northeast right now, we can\'t work on TL\'ing MajiKoi.

It\'ll be delayed until tomorrow at the earliest.

Good news though is that everything is timed and typesetted, we just need it TL\'d and edited and we\'ll be ready for release.

W0lf edit: so there are currently 6 powerlines on my street alone that have been cut because of trees snapping and falling on them. In other news, apparently this snow storm is being covered in Japan cuz my grandparents just called asking about it, lol.

Delay will probably be quite late... No idea when they\'ll put those powerlines back up. P.S. No electricity = difficult to charge phone + no freaking heater.

Edit 2: the delay will be rather absurdly long. No power until wednesday, no school tomorrow(no power), and i have a music tour I\'m playin in on tuesday/wednesday so... Yeah, earliest release will be like, thursday... But probablu friday... Orz

Edit3: okay who the fuck is in charge of this town\'s electricity and shit? I come home from my music tour and there are stillfuckig trees all over the roads. Hat the fuck is this shit?! Did i mention this is the FIFTH motherfucking night with no power? Keep it up, asshats. The town loves you.

In other words, if i don\'t get power, forget ep5 delays, we\'ll be worrying about ep6 delays this saturday

^The above was written in rage and on an iPhone. Not a good combination for spelling and grammar.

FINAL EDIT: Okay we\'re just dual-releasing eps 5 and 6 this weekend. We have our own encode for ep 5 so, hey. You get better audio/video quality than a share raw.

Again, sorry for the delay, but we might as well do a dual release when we\'re so close to ep 6 anyway.

Index-tan 4

By Belldandy-sama on Sep 25, 2011


Index-tan is finally here

Sup, Belldandy-sama here, after a while on finding a better quality raw, I just said screw it and encoded the DVD myself.

We would have released this sooner, but we the raw we found was what we thought broken. So we held it off until we found a better quality raw. A few months pass and nothing, so I found the DVD ISO of Index-tan and encode it myself, and found that the problem was with JC Staff.

So, if you experience a cut out in the credits randomly, blame JC Staff and not us. Sorry for taking so long, but I hope you enjoy it.


INTRO: So... just to get w0lf to stop bugging me about this: Hi

By Belldandy-sama on Sep 24, 2011

Just so I can shock w0lf and say I actually posted my introduction... hi there. I\'m Belldandy-sama. I\'m an encoder and typesetter here at Ahodomo.

I started working with Ahodomo around... episode 12 of Nichijou. Started out as an Editor/Timer, then when we were working on the one episode of Ikoku Merrio, I learned how to typeset and I found I was more skilled at that than timing, so I then made the transition to typesetter as a replacement for Alex when he isn\'t around.

Weeks later, I showed an intrest in encoidng and said I had a powerful enough computer to encode videos, so I asked Alex when he was on for a run through of basic encoding, and then just went from there. I\'d be more useful as an encoder if I were able to get my hands on transport streams, but we don\'t have a capper to give us any.

Unfortunately, some of our releases were slow in terms of download durring the initial seed... thats because I was releasing them. I only have an 80KB/s upload connection so... I can\'t say this enough, I\'m sorry about how ungodly slow those torrents for the two albumns, like 3 RKB episodes, and for 3 Nichijou epsidoes (I forget which episodes I released but I remember how slow they were going).

So, once again: Hi, I\'m Belldandy-sama, I\'m a typesetter and encoder here, and my internet sucks.

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