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[MH]Touhou Project - Collection 2011

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Feb 4, 2012

Yet another non-subbing related post. This time, again, about touhou!

I was contemplating just putting a million Remis up, but I figured that didn\'t represent the general population of Gensokyo too well.


So yes, I am sort-of-re-uploading-but-not-really-=because-a-torrent-hasn\'t-been-submitted-yet-ing the [MH]Touhou Project - Collection 2011 series because the author of the collection hasn\'t made a torrent yet (and it\'s been about two months)

Besides, I just recently re-uploaded the 2010 collection. Hell, I have 600gb uploaded on that babe! My bandwidth was sacrificed for a good cause!

Anyway, the description, gamelist, pictures, etc are all on the torrent page. I basically copypasted the author\'s words.

Anyway, yeah. Enjoy 17gb of touhou iso.

Touhou Project - Collection 2010 (Re-upload)

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Dec 15, 2011

MASS TOUHOU PARTYYYY OOH YEAHHHH (Remi is the best. Just getting that out there.)

So what is it this time? Well, it\'s simple. I\'m just re-uploading an old torrent for Touhou. Anyone who likes downloading large batches will know this one.

It\'s the Touhou Collection 2010 torrent. Why am I reuploading it? Well simple. Just try looking for this torrent anywhere on the torrent with it seeded. That\'s right. It\'s a dead torrent. What about 2009, though? Same deal. All torrents are dead.

Since I only have Collection 2010 and the torrent that\'s on the internet has a million .rar files in it as compared to me, who only has the three .iso image files you get from unraring the whole thing, I\'m just going to re-upload with one less hassle in the way (the unraring, I mean)

So anyway, enjoy! (Obviously, no DDL link.)

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