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Nichijou episode 26 (FINAL)

By Arche on Sep 25, 2011

9/24/11, never forget

And today ends not only our second show of the season, but also our first 26 episode show, and our first full-length show. We\'ve learned more things than we would like to name the hard way, but, and I\'ve been saying this a lot, thank you very much to everyone who has watched us the whole way through!

Torrent | DDL (Thank you, Nitroswii)

I asked the guys if they\'d like to give any final words

W0lf: \"Still beat HS. fuckyar..\"

Ippikryu: \"Why the fuck is there an SR-71 in the roof of the school?\"

Arche: \"Great show, definitely one of Kyoani\'s best.\"

Nichijou episode 23

By Arche on Sep 4, 2011

Your eyes do not fool you. That is Mai being heart attackingly adorable

A super early release... I forgot how good this feels.

Tonight\'s episode features: Yoshino, Sakurai, Mai and Hakase... there\'s something for everyone!


Nichijou episode 21

By Arche on Aug 25, 2011


Sleepover episode! How awesome is that?

Nichijou episode 21: Torrent

w0lf is a horrible person who proves Minecraft needs to be wiped out.
But really we all know I mean well. <3

Er, about Nichijou 20

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Aug 17, 2011

Miscommunications happened, I\'m still in Japan, people thought others were doing stuff, in the end it turned out no one was doing anything.

Er, yeah, sorry about that. We\'ll be releasing as soon as I get back to the US in about 24 hours.

Nichijou episode 18

By Arche on Aug 1, 2011

I realize this was episode 1, but Mio was just too damn cute in this scene to ignore.


Sorry for the delay, guys. Working people, people packing up, etc. For those who will still download our release after this time: Thank you, and enjoy!

Note: When I say \"people packing up\" I mean w0lf, our translator, is leaving in a few hours to visit his family in Japan. We\'re not saying to expect another hiatus, but another delay like this could be possible.

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