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Ro-Kyu-Bu! Episode 12 (FINAL)

By Arche on Sep 24, 2011

Tomoka will miss you ;_;

And so, our summer series comes to an end. I hope you enjoyed our subs and I hope you enjoyed your weekly loli basketball!

Once again, I\'d like to thank EveTaku for being willing to work with us. We\'ve learned a lot and without them, I don\'t think this could have been possible

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Let us have Belldandy give us the final quote:

[1:49:35 PM] soviet.belldandy: I wish I had a faster internet connection. Other than that... Tomoka in a maid outfit is rediculously cute.

Two quick things.

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Sep 17, 2011

First off, I realized we never officially announced what shows we\'re picking up for the Fall season.

For the fall, we will be picking up the show, \"Maji de Watashi ni Koi wo Shinasai\", or \"Majikoi\" for short. It\'s a pretty lax show in terms of competition, I think. lol.

Since school\'s in session and every single one of us in the group are still students, we didn\'t want to pick anything up that airs during the weekday or would be extremely competitive. Not much else to say.

Oh, RKB 11 is delayed for about 24 hours due to shitstorms and whatnot. Everything\'s resolved now, though. Just waiting for people to reappear and get the work done.

Ro-Kyu-Bu! episode 9

By Arche on Sep 3, 2011

Arche: \"So this makes how many episodes involving the girls wearing something revealing?\"

w0lf: \"Er, nine.\"

\'ello everyone. AhoTaku happily presents to you another episode of basketball without much basketball for some reason!

...who am I kidding. The reason I suggested working on this show in the first place was due to the opening song and the lolis.

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Ro-Kyu-Bu! episode 8

By Arche on Aug 27, 2011

It\'s exactly what you think... if only .-.

With a special surprise at 16:00 in every specially marked box! Seriously though, I\'m pretty happy with everyone\'s work this week. Enjoy!

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EDIT: The problem this week came from a legitimate muxing error, which caused the troll sub (I\'m not apologizing for that- We couldn\'t stop laughing) to become the default/only sub. Trying again with the same settings lead to a successful release. The torrent link was replaced with the v2 and Belldandy-sama released a patch here.

No Ro-Kyu-Bu this week

By Arche on Aug 12, 2011

No, it\'s not a delay, and if this turns out to be wrong then I will delete this post, but combining a lack of streams showing up and Puddizzle\'s Japanonese sites\' reports, RKB won\'t be airing this week, and episode seven will instead show up on the 19th. Dammit.

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