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Minami-ke Omatase - OVA

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Oct 22, 2012

Take the man\'s word. Mayonnaise.

Hi everyone, we released yet another thing. Solo this time.

Man, this thing was pretty damn funny to translate. Some puns took a bit to figure out like \"Trick and Creep,\" but eh what the hell. It was fun. I also decided to learn how to kfx finally, so the OP/ED are both done by me, who learned kfxing in 6 hours, but I think it looks pretty nice. Tell me what you guys think :3 We also decided to screw around a bit on the insert song kfx so you\'ll see the spotlights and all, lol

Anyway, links.


Edit: Due to a sign we tweaked during QC getting messed up with layering issues, here is a delta patch to fix it. We\'ll be releasing a v2 soon. XDelta Patch

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