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We\'re... sort of alive?

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Jun 20, 2012

Hi. I didn\'t die (quite) and the group\'s (sort of) alive as well.

Here\'re our plans.

Nyaruko: Release as BDs come out because we\'re lacking like half the transport streams and lolshareraws.

Jormunbitch: I don\'t fucking know. Go ask Anxious-He. I don\'t think they know either. I\'m pretty sure ep 4\'s been ready to release for at least a week... unless they released without me knowing.

Summer plans: lol. (To be more exact, I\'m away for 7 of the 12 weeks of summer. I don\'t think doing a show over the summer is a great idea)(Lol college programs.)

So anyway, we are again, sort of alive at the current time. We\'ll be back full force once fall season starts.

You can still catch me (w0lf) over on IRC, though. #Evetaku seems to be my main channel nowadays, though... lol.

I\'m Sorry

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on May 9, 2012

I\'ve been getting very little sleep over the past few weeks due to an ungodly amount of combined music and academic work. Hell, I even deleted almost every game I had to keep me from getting distracted and actually do all my work. I\'ll be straight up and honest. I haven\'t even translated jormunxplosions 4. Much less, 5. I\'m extremely sorry to everyone who\'s out there waiting for our releases. If you want to watch nyaruko and jormunboom 3-4 and 4, respectively, then DL our release later for archiving purposes, I won\'t take any offense. It\'s not fair to everyone out there waiting for us to release.

To clear any misconceptions that may be out there: No. We have not dropped any of our projects, nor do we plan on doing so. It\'s just as the translator, all the work begins with me and since I\'m the one dying, obviously nothing else can get done.

Again, I\'m extremely sorry to anyone waiting for us, but this delay might last until the end of the week.

tl;dr w0lf is a faggot

Jormunguns 03

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on May 3, 2012

Holy shit, we released only a week late!

Uh, screencap later. I don\'t have the files and am at school atm.

Anyway a comment on the release, we sort of actually knew what everyone was doing for the most part. Also, Koko she is loco I said OH NO.

Episode: Torrent | Magnet
OP/ED: Torrent | Magnet

Possible Delays Incoming

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on May 1, 2012

Yes. Ironic that I should say that.

But anyway, many of us (by which i mean all of us) have finals and for the younger ones, AP exams coming up in the next few weeks. Because of finals, it also means a lot of assignments are being given out in the last few weeks before the test itself. For the college students within our group, their final is already in progress.

Point being, Haiyore will probably be delayed starting ep 4. Ep3 is ready to release, except both our typesetters are too busy to actually work on them, so we\'re at a dead stall on that account.

Jormungand will... The encoders will cause more delays than myself T\(--)_/T (jkjk, I love you two, soup & tormaid)

Uh, if we can\'t get it typeset soon, I might just do it myself.

So yeah. Delays incoming due to finals. Small teams are prone to this problem. (We only have five members)

[Anxious-Domo] Jormungous 02

By Belldandy-sama on May 1, 2012

There were so many good Koko reaction faces in this episode, it was hard to choose just one…

My extensive effort attempting to denoise this was rendered moot when we acquired much better looking caps. This comes at the cost of being even less compressible, so we unanimously decided ordered chapters were called for. Continue reading below for further details about the encodes.

Delay was partially due to lack of experience with ordered chapters… ^^;

[00:06] Tormaid > oh my god
[00:06] Tormaid > she turns around twice

1v2 soon

Download: Torrent [Magnet]
OP/ED: Torrent [Magnet]

My original plan was was to mostly denoise this and apply a light layer of grain over it to hide the splotches left over. Why not completely denoise it? Doing so would erase stupid amounts of detail during dark scenes, even line art (despite stacks of masking lines). There’s just too much grain. While I was able to pull this off to a degree, it still wasn’t ideal without scene-filtering out the dark scenes and leaving them alone. Then comes the issue of compressibility, again. The added grain was less compressible, even when applied very lightly, and only to dark areas of the frame. In the end, since we had to sacrifice something, we chose to use mostly unfiltered encodes and try to strike a balance between compressibility and grain retention. Dark scenes look very good, we sacrificed very little detail and the stronger grain forced higher bitrate allocation, and thus better grain retention. Bright scenes are a toss up. I actually chose to denoise the very brightest areas of the frame, because you can barely even see the grain there and it was just eating bitrate for no reason. If you look at the above screenshot, you can see the state of the grain during normal lighting. No, it doesn’t look spectacular. However, in motion it’s really not so bad. Ultimately, I think this was the best of several not-so-appealing choices presented me.

Haters gonna hate.


[Anxious-Domo]Jorumngrain - 01

By Belldandy-sama on Apr 13, 2012

Chicks can totally brofist.

This will be our main project this season and it is a joint with our pals over at Anxious-he. This show is about guns and world peace and… yeah, just watch it…

Props to LeonHo who masterfully ktimed the OP for us.

Download: Torrent [Magnet]

Encoder Notes: It’s huge! WTF?! Since all you’re going to do in the comments is complain about the filesize I will address that now. This show has a constant layer of moving grain on top of being about people who blow things /other people up non stop at night. Any group who manages filesizes much smaller than this did so by sacrificing substantial amounts of detail and will look like shit, see here. Next week we may switch to using ordered chapters, which would save roughly 200mb per episode.

Okay, our ACTUAL plan for next season!

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Apr 3, 2012

So hi. w0lf again.

edit:herping hotlink fix\'d

Because. Guns.

First, our joint will be with Anxious-He, one of our companions from the Hayaku joint. This show is about guns, guns and more guns. Apparently some plot exists but all I care about are the guns. :D

We\'ll probably take the legacy of Hayaku here and release veryHayaku (I hope my dripping amounts of sarcasm were apparent) But no worries! Superior quality will be achieved yet again!

Because. Nostalgia.

And suddenly, PV download link
Torrent | DDL | Youtube

Our solo project will be the return of Forks, San Depletion, and more adorable NyarukoxCthuko!

Okay, maybe not so much the last one. (I hope there\'s more of it, anyway :3)

So yeah. We\'ll probably take the \"speed and quality\" route for Haiyore. We\'ll probably release within 24 hours, but don\'t be surprised if we\'re a bit late. We\'ll keep a standard of quality for this.

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