MajiKoi 5 Delayed

By Belldandy-sama on Oct 30, 2011

Sorry guys, but with our TL\'s power out because of the snow storm hitting the northeast right now, we can\'t work on TL\'ing MajiKoi.

It\'ll be delayed until tomorrow at the earliest.

Good news though is that everything is timed and typesetted, we just need it TL\'d and edited and we\'ll be ready for release.

W0lf edit: so there are currently 6 powerlines on my street alone that have been cut because of trees snapping and falling on them. In other news, apparently this snow storm is being covered in Japan cuz my grandparents just called asking about it, lol.

Delay will probably be quite late... No idea when they\'ll put those powerlines back up. P.S. No electricity = difficult to charge phone + no freaking heater.

Edit 2: the delay will be rather absurdly long. No power until wednesday, no school tomorrow(no power), and i have a music tour I\'m playin in on tuesday/wednesday so... Yeah, earliest release will be like, thursday... But probablu friday... Orz

Edit3: okay who the fuck is in charge of this town\'s electricity and shit? I come home from my music tour and there are stillfuckig trees all over the roads. Hat the fuck is this shit?! Did i mention this is the FIFTH motherfucking night with no power? Keep it up, asshats. The town loves you.

In other words, if i don\'t get power, forget ep5 delays, we\'ll be worrying about ep6 delays this saturday

^The above was written in rage and on an iPhone. Not a good combination for spelling and grammar.

FINAL EDIT: Okay we\'re just dual-releasing eps 5 and 6 this weekend. We have our own encode for ep 5 so, hey. You get better audio/video quality than a share raw.

Again, sorry for the delay, but we might as well do a dual release when we\'re so close to ep 6 anyway.

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