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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 05

By Arche on Nov 6, 2012

Boy, how long has it been since I wrote one of these?

The plan to remove Nanami from Sakurasou\'s presence is put into effect this week. Enjoy the gripping drama


  • Translator: escro[E]
  • TLC: lyger[E]
  • Editor: Arche[A]
  • Timer: lunr[E]
  • Typesetter: msm959[A]/nINJAkECIL[E]
  • Kfxer: Calyrica[E]
  • Encoder: Nevreen[E]
  • QC: lyger[E]
  • Distro: msm595[A]


  • Haiyore! Nyaruko-san episode 01

    By Arche on Apr 13, 2012

    Why yes, I will remember your love, Nyaruko.

    Welcome to episode 1 of our first (Second?) project this season! As explained before, what you see here is Haiyore, which I think was a given considering this was the first show we ever subbed.

    Does the fact that we have a clue what we\'re doing now do justice to the series compared to our first releases? I\'ll let you decide that. In the mean time, Nyaruko made my heart explode at least three times this episode. Good luck seeing me live until the end of the season.

    w0lf edit: It\'s been way too long since I muxed and released. I COMPLETELY forgot about chapter files. A v2 will be released tomorrow night with the TS scene bleeds, OP kara, and chpaters added/fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience! (Hey, give us a break. We haven\'t released an episode on our own in almost 4 months)

    w0lf edit2: Sigh Apparently mkvmerge is broken. It only muxes the first four fonts I assign for some damned reason. Will fix for the v2 release.

    edit: v2\'s up.

    edit2: xdelta patches fixed.

    10-bit 720p Torrent | DDL | v2 Torrent | v2 xDelta | v2 DDL

    8-bit 720p Torrent | DDL | v2 Torrent | v2 xDelta | v2 DDL

    480p Torrent | DDL | v2 Torrent | v2 xDelta | v2 DDL

    Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! episode 12 (FINAL)

    By Arche on Dec 19, 2011

    Remember when they appeared in the same episode? Yeaaaaah...

    And so Ahodomo finishes its fall project. I\'m glad Ekureiru suggested this, as I\'m pretty sure everyone on board enjoyed working on this. All-in-all, I still want a Cookie butler.

    And now, final words from others:

    w0lf \"First show I actually enjoyed translating\"

    MikiMiki (JC Subs freeloader) \"Where is my fucking Miyako rape scene\"

    Torrent | DDL


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