Two quick things.

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Sep 17, 2011

First off, I realized we never officially announced what shows we\'re picking up for the Fall season.

For the fall, we will be picking up the show, \"Maji de Watashi ni Koi wo Shinasai\", or \"Majikoi\" for short. It\'s a pretty lax show in terms of competition, I think. lol.

Since school\'s in session and every single one of us in the group are still students, we didn\'t want to pick anything up that airs during the weekday or would be extremely competitive. Not much else to say.

Oh, RKB 11 is delayed for about 24 hours due to shitstorms and whatnot. Everything\'s resolved now, though. Just waiting for people to reappear and get the work done.

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