Ahodomo vs. EveTaku Challenge!

By Arche on Aug 20, 2011

(I\'m taking the lazy way out and copy/pasting this from EveTaku. Love you guys. ~Arche)

\"So after puddizzle posted a video of w0lf, Holey and w0lf started quarreling, which then started an epic conversation about stupid bets, in which this whole event was started!

So, as of now, the EveTaku VS Ahodomo Championships have begun. To start off, there will be 10 rounds, and a staffer from each sub group will be competing against another staffer from the opposing team. Each staffer will alternate challenges.. The winner will be decided by you because we’re idiots. After all the rounds are completed, the losing subgroup will have all of its staffers perform karaoke on Skype to the winning team. It will be recorded and added to the EveTaku Chorus Album, because we’re gigantic faggots.


Team EveTaku 1. Holey 2. Neibs 3. Lyger (?) 4. Puddi 5. Midgie Reserve. Neko Reserve. Kagecode

Team Ahodomo 1. w0lf 2. Arche 3. Belldandy-sama 4. Ekureiru 5. Andy Chen Reserve. jayjaey

Decided Challenges: Holey: ?? w0lf: Chest Thumping (In Progress) Neibs: ?? Arche: ?? Lyger: ?? Belldandy: ?? Puddi: ?? Ekureiru: ?? Midgie: ?? Andy: ??

Rounds: 1 . Holey vs w0lf, Challenge = Chest Drumming(Chosen by w0lf) 2 . Midgie vs Belldandy 3 . Puddi vs w0lf 4 . Lyger vs Ekureiru 5 . Neibs vs Belldandy 6 . Midgie vs Arche 7 . Neibs vs Andy 8 . Puddi vs Ekureiru 9 . Lyger vs Arche 10. Holey vs Andy

Current Score EveTaku = 0 Ahodomo = 0

Once both participants have completed the challenge, A new post will be made on in the blog featuring a youtube link to both videos and a link to a Poll, The link to the poll will be valid for 1 week and then we will decide who is the winner. Also please vote on the performance not cause you like that person.

Good Luck to all the teams/participants!\"

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