comiket Day 2 and a coherent update of Day1

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Aug 15, 2011

Ok. First off.


And I have my share too. Those are my rori doujins. Very beautiful I must say.

Though in general, I don\'t have much else to say on comiket day 2. (well, day 3 technically, but day 2 for me. I didn\'t go on friday.) There was a FUCCKTTONNNN of people, as in, like, probably 30k people. I got squished about 45342 times as I tried to walk to my circles. Hot as hell, but not as hot as saturday.

Though because I TRIED to help translate Nichijou 20, I had to wake up at 5AM, and because I was TLing, I missed my train so had to wait an extra 10 minutes for the next train. Because of this, I arrived at comiket at around 9:20, which is LATTEEEEE as hell. Because of this, there were already like 10k people on line ._. Goddamn it, Nichijou.

So after lining up for an hour, the line finally moved, and slowly (meaning over the course of a half an hour) I finally managed to get inside the building itself. After which it took another 10 minutes to walk to the doujins and stuff.

Oh my gawd, bro. I got to buy stuff from Nounai Kanojo (this time, it was Satori!) as well as Frenchletter (THIS GUY ONLY DOES REMI AND FLAN, ITS LIKE, RUVERY)

So here\'s a list of stuff I bought/got.


Cirno ga ouchi ni yattekita! (NOUNAI KANOJOOOOOO)(Cirno/NSFW)

Hakurei Jinja no Reimu (NNOOUUUUNNNNAIIIII KANOOOJOOOOOO)(This totally isn\'t about Reimu)(NSFW)

ICantReadTheTitleFromThisStupidLowResPicAndAmTooLazyToGoUpstairsAndLookAtDoujin (NOUNAII KANOKYOYOKYKOASJDKJASDOKFJ)(Marisa/NSFW)

Satori to Tomodachi asdfdsfsdfStupidLowResPic (What? Nounai Kanojo? FUCKYAR)(Totally not Satori)(NSFW)

Some bonus thing with Orin/Utsuho (derp, nounai kanojo)(NSFW)

I THINK its (from memory) Imouto no oshiri de ecchi shiyou (original? idk.)(NSFW)

FlanFlan (idr artist, no one cares.)

Pedoria -Extend- (Remi, Frenchletter, NSFW, awesome)

Pedoria -Continued- (Flan, Frenchletter, NSFW, HNGGG)

Charisma Agarukana? (Remi/NSFW/Futa/random artist)

Nuiko(I think?) to nurunuru ofuro asobi (I\'ve seen this guy\'s stuff on danbooru before, pretty nice.)(NSFW)

Some madoka thing that I didn\'t want but came in a set so I took anyway. it has meh art.

Charisma Agarukana? (Remi/NSFW/Futa)

you know what, nvm, I\'ll update the doujin list later, I can\'t remember the names of all like, 50 doujins.

random other crap

Some towel

some nice plastic bottle

A fan

paper folders that I will never use because and the reverse side

A really NSFW gift bag

a nice touhuo gift bag

ANOTHER gift bag


Newest albums from:

Yuuhei Satellite Monochrome Coat Innocent Key TWO from Yellow Zebra Gensokyo for the Busy Person (well, not an album, but it\'s still a CD)


This post is getting really disorganized.

I have to say though, one of the most nerve-racking things I ever did while in Japan was walk/ride the metro to comiket with this blatantly otaku-fied shirt on. I mean, if I looked remotely foreign, like westerner or something, people\'d be like, \"oh silly western people.\" but because I\'m quite obviously Japanese with my face and all, peoplej ust gave me A) stares, B) disapproving looks, C) ignored. the entire time. Never did I feel more glad to be around other fellow anime/manga/touhou fans at comiket than after walking around in public for an hour and a half on transport.

In a more coherent attempt at day 1(Day 2 of comiket)...

I woke up early, as planned, and arrived at comiket at around 9AM. An hour before comiket started. ZOMFFGG TOO MANY PEOPLE (like several thousand) were already lined up and waiting. Anyway, because it was my first time, I was an IDIOT and didn\'t bring a hat, towel, or anything. Just water. So there I was, standing amongst hot, sweaty people for an hour, out in the blazing sun with 100+ temperatures, and I had a fucking water bottle to keep me cool. I didn\'t even have a goddamn fan. By the tiem I got into the comiket building, I felt like I jsut took a dip in the pool or something.

once I got in, guess where the FIRST place I headed to was?

Damn right, Touhou 13.

Unfortunately, because I am a noob and lined up only an hour early, by the time I got to the line, it was already like, half a mile long. Yes. Half a mile long. Did I mention the line was 3 people wide? Basically it worked like 3 single file lines next to each other. That\'s a lot of people before me. So anyway, I waited in that said line for about an hour and a half or so, which is actualyl pretty quick considering how many people were before me. OH DID I MENTION I GOT TO SHAKE ZUN\'S HAND!? YES. I SHOOK HIS HAND. ASFDOFIAJSDFOIJ

That was definitely coherent.

So as my turn to purchase came up, there was a chick who was open who I could have bought from, but I looked the other way and pretended not to notice. The guy behind me went ahead of me and went up to the chick and bought. The guy who had been paying ZUN as he handed out copies then left. I took my chance, dashed forward and bought my copy from ZUN himself. Holy shit, he is one sexy ass motherfucker. And I mean that in every serious way possible. Though seriously, he had a damn nice shirt and fedora.

After that, I went STRAIGHT to COOL&CREATE\'s table, unfortuantely, they were already sold out by then :<

Though I did get to talk to Beatmario and Amane for half an hour as their slaves did the selling of past albums xD (I did buy their DVD of the Shibuya AX Live Final concert for 3k yen, though.) Damn, bro. Beatmario is literally the guy who influenced me to start writing touhou arrangements, being able to talk to your hero is seriously something.

Anyways, aside from that, I bought a lot of stuff, tired, sweated gallons (and drank 4 bottles of water in 5 hours, both saturday and sunday) lots of fun, lots of porn, lotsa walking.

Good two days :)

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  • Aquatic wildlife man said:
    August 15th 2011, 9:23 am

    so... much... loli

    Stay fresh, marine animals.

  • Manx said:
    August 15th 2011, 10:31 pm

    Congrats on an excellent pair of days at Comiket! Very envious.

  • Misao said:
    August 15th 2011, 11:20 pm

    Yes Lucky Star ain\'t lying- you can get lost in that place!

    You shook the hand. .... the hand that. ... that is responsible FOR ALL THE GAMES OMFG!!!

    I see chibi artists at least cons all the time. ... I should probably try drawing them sometime.

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