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By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Aug 8, 2011

So because I am the busiest bastard to have walked through my grandparent\'s house, I have not really had time to even sit and upload the pictures I took throughout the day, hence, a wallotext5dayupdatezomfgbbq. I\'ll be writing everything as if I\'m writing it during that day, btw. LIKE A JOURNAL OMG that was stupid and lame ._.

So let\'s go in chronological order, just cuz I\'m... idk, I was going to say something but couldn\'t think of anything. ANYWAY.

Day 4 (four days late!)

So today, not much happened. Boring. Not really. I bought moar mangos, and even bought the Nichijou OP2 CD, which I soon thereafter ripped and uploaded under [Aho-Rips]

You know, everything we do, it\'ll just be under [Aho-insertsomethinghere], lol

Anyways, so mangos, many mangos. All for exactly 5,000 yen. Just how many? Well lets see

- Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica: Volumes 1-3 (all of them)
- Welcome to the NHK: Volumes 1-4 (they didn\'t have 5 D:)
- Yumekui Merry: Volumes 1-6 (animu completely like, strayed off from the mango ._.)

Anyways, so I got like, 13 volumes of mango for exactly 5,000 yen. Not bad, I\'d say. Not to mention 9 of those volumes aren\'t exactly old. (and in perfect condition!)

Day 5 (only three days late!)

So today, I went fishing. Like, from 6AM till 6PM.

My gawd, broskis (and siskis? Wait taht doesn\'t work...) I fucking love fishing. Mainly cuz I got to spend time with my cousins. Now before anyone makes a \"Hey, you lolicon!\" joke, I will make it clear that they are my COUSINS, and so, my FAMILY, and that I do not support IRL INCEST, cuz IRL incest is just like, \"bro...\"

Anyways, the oldest cousin is 9, in the 4th grade, and female. Very cute.

Second oldest, is 7, in the 2nd grade, male. Very energetic, but awesome.

Youngest, is 4. Yet to experience the wonders of school. Very cute, yet tiring.

So had to wake up at like, 5. Standard stuff for fishing. Got in the car, played some FAWKING ADVANCE WARS, DAYS OF RUIN, HURRAH BEST STRATEGY GAME ON THE DS. Anyways, I made my own map for the first hour, called it Chokehold because I specifically designed it with multiple chokehold locations in mind. It\'s pretty intense, I have two airports in the middle of the map (map\'s 30x30 btw) and theres a secluded island to the northwest surrounded by water and no beaches, so the only way to get to it is via air support. Now the thing is, that island also has 3 more airports, a comm tower, 4 buildings, 2 temp. airports, a factory, and forest covering every open space. So basically, if you can capture that island, every block in the space that a rocket can attack, is screwed. Very powerful little island I designed.

I also put some factories on each side of the map near the center airports so it\'s an all out brawl between both sides. But I also made it fun, by adding a little area in either unused corner of the map by placing silos(missle launcher thing?) as well as factories with roads leading directly to either capital. Basically, even if you posess all 5 airports, if you let the other team grab both factories, they can ship war tanks every turn straight at your capital. Not a good thing.

Overall, the entire map is basically riddled with long rivers, except I used sea blocks so you can\'t cross it, and the only way to go across is via small, exposed bridges. Though I do have ports/beaches spread out across the map to allow for some sneaking action :P pretty fun map, it took me a good hour and a half to complete a match against the AI.

Anyways, thats a shitton on my Advance Wars love, enough of that.

So before leaving home, I had made a facebook update that went along the lines of... or rather, lemme change tabs and quote it.

Ok, so I didn\'t get the ages right in my facebook update.

\"off to go fisihing with cousins. They\'re like elementary schoolers ._. (4th, 2nd, 1st grade)

oh boy, I was never good with little kids D*:\"

Anyways, so yeah, I know I misspelled fishing ._.

So anyways, after arriving at the fishing place, my cousins were already there waiting, and the only thing going through my head was like, \"ohshitohshitohshitohshitwhatdoidoimterribadwithkids\" (congratz if you could read that ._.)

At first, it was like, \"zomfg, haven\'t met these kids for 4 years, wtf do I do, do they even remember me?\"

As I left the car, it was really awkward, and I kept talking to my aunt/uncle who obviously remembered me, and the kids were like, running around and being kids so it was sort of all right...

A bit later, once we started to actually fish, it was going all well for about an hour, then having caught like, 15 fish, we decided to take a break and gut/clean the fish. Well, my mom and aunt did the gutting/cleaning. So during this time, my cousins and I decided to swim in the river. All was well, things going smoothly, finally broke the ice between my cousins and had some conversations. Suddenly, I hear this splashing sound and a panicking uncle. I look to my right side, and I see my youngest cousin being washed away by the current. Being like, 4, she didn\'t exactly know how to swim... nor would she have had the power to swim against the current, anyway. So I, being mr. big cousin dude, I dropped the fish net I had been holding and swam towards my sort-of-drowning cousin and brought her to shore.

After that, any ice remaining between my cousins and I disappeared and we were talking and stuff. So anyway, we eat lunch. Fresh grilled fish, yakisoba, beef cutlets, etc. Lotsa food, basically.

After eating, we decided that we\'d go off and explore the surroudning area while my uncle/aunt/mom/gramps continued fishing. Ended up doing some epic stuff like climbing a waterfall thing halfway and taking pics (I stil don\'t get how my camera didn\'t fry from the water...)

After all this (which is around 5 hours of exploring) we finally headed home, where I learned to play Shogi, talked more with cousins, and had a teary good-bye (not really, though cousin\'s were sad to leave)(Ok, yes, I was slightly sad too.)

Day 5 scenery/cousins/etc 1
Day 5 scenery/cousins/etc 2

Day 6 (only two late!)



Remilia figure: 6800

Misaka figure: 3800

Index figure: 800 cuz I\'m so cool and won one of the four in a raffle of around 400

Remilia shirt

Remilia wallscroll

Remilia doujins(SFW) and other touhou mango

No, I TOTALLY do not have a Remilia obsession.

all other pics available via first link in the wallotext.

I honestly don\'t have much else to say other than winning that raffle was like having both Remilia and Misaka come to life and kiss me. At the same time. Like, I don\'t even know how to describe how awesome it was to learn that I wont that Index figure worth about 10,000 for only 800. So. Fucking. Awesome.

Also, one last thing about Akiba day. Yo. Like. MAIDS. MAIDS FRIGGIN EVERYWHERE. Every damn street corner, and about 20 locations between each street corner, maids. MAIDS EVERYWHERE HANDING OUT PAMPHLETS.

Oh, I went to a maid cafe. It was awkward as fucking hell.

Speaking of which, no pics cuz they were like, \"nou pics\" and I was like, \"whydidicometothiscafewhereicanttakepicswtf\" but yeah, yhaving a chick in maid outfit is nice, but having her right over you chanting some incantation shit is a bit awk. I could do with just the maid and less with the talk, know what I mean?

Anyway. That\'s about it, and tons of purchases.

Day 7 (only a day late!)

So today, I went to Tokyo on some tour thing mabob. Not much to say other than IT WAS FUCKING HOT AS HELL AND I HAD TO WALK FFUUUUUUU

I fell asleep during the boat ride too. Mainly cuz it was hot as fucking hell, I was tired from walking all day, and idk, I was sleepy?

So at a gift store, they had this donation box thing, like the one Reimu had. It\'s a little mini one, and I bought it.

$5 says I\'ll get more donations than Reimu. Well, I won\'t be going hungry every night like she does :P No offense to any Reimu lovers xD

I also bought myself some omamoris, don\'t know what they\'re called in english. like, protection charms or something. Mine was for success, mainly cuz I have that audition coming up for Juilliard\'s pre-college in like, two weeks (re-audition)

So I don\'t really know what else to right. Well whatever, there\'s more than enough for you guys to read and drool over as is, anyway. I might add more later.

Day 7 scenery - Coming soon

Day 7 food - Coming soon

Day 7 purchases - Coming soon

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  • Manx said:
    August 9th 2011, 3:14 am

    Okay. First off: the 4-year-old? Totally owns me. Like, right now. And I mena that in the cleanest way possible. Gonna change my name to Sebastian just for her.

    Very Nice Remilia figure (one of the translucent-parts ones), and a nice Misaka fig, too, but .. GREAT Index figure!!! Stunning! Nice haul in Akiba.

  • Andy Fucking Chen said:
    August 9th 2011, 3:27 am

    Your grammar sucks :D

  • August 9th 2011, 4:44 am

    @Manx, and I got that index figure for so damn cheap, it\'s amazing. I don\'t even think it\'s a buyable figure. Like it\'s part of a campaign thing so there are only select numbers available.

    @Andy FUCKING chen, There\'s a reason why I have editors on my sub team. It\'s BECAUSE my grammar is terribad

  • Manx said:
    August 9th 2011, 4:51 am

    (you sure he didn\'t mean MINE???)

  • August 9th 2011, 5:03 am

    Eh, mine is terribad as well.

  • puddizzle said:
    August 9th 2011, 7:12 pm

    uiharu. fuck yes.

  • Aquatic wildlife man said:
    August 9th 2011, 9:58 pm

    sounds like your never getting a moment of peace! im stuck in hospital so i cant see the new release or read this blog properly. >:3

  • Schetzel said:
    August 12th 2011, 7:02 pm

    region unregistered. Image blocked. rage

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