Index-tan 03

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Jan 25, 2011

Well guys, surprise surprise, we found Index-tan 03, which hasn\'t aired yet, lying around. Naturally we jumped onto the chance to get this thing subbed and out ASAP.

Here\'s the link to it

So here\'s the story. On our forums, (Key & Kyoto Animation Fan Forums), a guy posted in a thread the video off of youtube. We didn\'t realize it hadn\'t aired yet for several hours. After I asked if anyone had subbed it or not, we set out to find out, and then learned that this ep airs wednesday (or today I suppose)

So yeah, this time I found the 720p rip.

Credits as usual, Alex for typesetting, Swizzle and I for translating, Arche for being Mr. English Major/EC, and Jason for beign QC/EC

Enjoy ~degeso

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