Haiyoru Ep 06

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Jan 22, 2011

So here\'s episode 6 of Haiyoru Nyaruani ~ Remember My Love (Craft Sensei)

Finding a raw was pretty annoying lol.

Oh, and here\'s ep 02 as well

so we\'ll get eps 3 and 4 subbed this week, and we might even pick up a new show that\'s finished airing, but hasn\'t really been subbed.

Oh and the reason why 3 and 4 weren\'t subbed this week is because me being an idiot, I was making myself run on 2 hours of sleep for over a week, and I sort of just crashed and burned :P

So basically I ws really tired around 11PM so I told everyone that I should probably take a nap, and I set my iPod alarm to 12:15 (my alarm plays the songs, \"Level 5 Judgelight\", \"Future Gazer\", and \"only my railgun\" in that order (cuz the most epic is saved for last). Anyways, I had my headphones, which are in-ear btw, and wrapped it around my neck + put it in my ears.

Apparently I slept straight through all three songs blasting full volume directly in my ear, I woke up the next morning with the headphones still in my ear.

Anyways enough life stories, enjoy!

-Ahodomo team (but mostly just 7h3d4rkw0lf rambling)


BBT, this should be more than enough proof that it\'s pingryanime right?

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