Touhou Mangekyou ~ Memories of Phantasm 02 (Fantasy Kaleidoscope)

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Jun 21, 2013

Keikaku doori... kekeke

Hi. Have some Touhou.

Special thanks to Manx for providing the raw iso for encoding!

Track 1 - Original audio. No voices.
Track 2 - Legitimately done dub (default track)
Track 3 - Dub done by one person. Pretty impressive, though they all sound a bit similar... no shit.
Track 4 - Best Dub Ever.

Track 0 - Transcribed original Jap subs. Same timing, same placement, same everything. Take this as the \"original\" video.
Track 1 - Timed to the legit dub (default track)
Track 2 - Timed to the Jap subs. idk why we\'re including this. Because we can?
Track 3 - Timed to the One Man Dub
Track 4 - Timed to the Best Dub Ever

As Belldandy put it,

[12:24:56 AM] Remilia Scarlet:
[12:25:11 AM] soviet.belldandy: I...
[12:25:14 AM] soviet.belldandy: We released something
[12:25:21 AM] Remilia Scarlet: ikr

As JaeyJay put it,

[12:48:17 AM] Jaeyjay: say \"We were alive for the past week. We are now dead again after this post\"

That being said, we were alive for the past week. We are now dead again after this post. :Db


10 Responses

  • Koumakan said:
    June 21st 2013, 7:07 am

    Please upload iso.

  • jindo90 said:
    June 21st 2013, 11:00 am

    Thanks guys. Been waiting for this.

  • noko said:
    June 21st 2013, 4:15 pm

    The sub tracks don\'t seem to load correctly as they\'re not labelled.

    They\'re just \"Undetermined,\" apart from the second one which seems to be \"Arucanian.\"

  • w0lf said:
    June 21st 2013, 10:46 pm

    Are you sure you have MPC and such correctly set up? It loads up fine on my end, not to mention that the subtitle tracks are all independently labeled.

  • The man the myth the moe said:
    June 24th 2013, 1:42 am


  • Fuko Ibuki said:
    June 25th 2013, 9:26 am

    Thanks a lot for all the hard work, guys. And I would also want to request the DVDISO of this OVA. :)

  • izeroii said:
    June 30th 2013, 6:29 pm

    see you next phantasm

  • baKANA said:
    August 7th 2013, 12:08 pm

    Could you do the 2nd Minami-ke Omatase OVA which was released yesterday, since you did a great job on the first? Would be great. Thx anyway.

  • blaZofgold said:
    August 28th 2013, 7:47 am

    Is this group by any chance willing to sub the first one as well? Please?

  • IlDuce777 said:
    January 1st 2014, 9:54 pm

    please, make the episode 3 when the japanese dub and english are ready to make the release, pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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