Arche\'s Dream

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on May 4, 2012

Why am I posting this? Cuz I fucking can.

[8:38:20 PM] Arche: Mm, w0lf, have I told you about the dream I had where I went to your house?
[8:38:27 PM] midorinashi: sexy
[8:38:41 PM] MikiMiki: kinky
[8:38:48 PM] belldandy: Oh my...
[8:39:34 PM] w0lf: Arche, no you haven\'t. What happened? :O
[8:40:50 PM] Arche: Well, we decided on playing a PS3 game. So we\'re in front of your tv, turn on Metal Gear Solid 4, then halfway through the first loading screen you just shut the console off and say \"I think you better run. My dad\'s home.\"
[8:41:07 PM] midorinashi: ... LOL
[8:41:11 PM] midorinashi: why is this already funny
[8:41:21 PM] jaeyjay: why can i imagine that happening...
[8:41:25 PM] w0lf: I\'m laughing already...
[8:41:26 PM] jaeyjay: actually
[8:41:34 PM] Arche: I\'m like, \"Wait. Why\'s that a problem?\"
Then I hear a car door slam, followed by the sound of a shotgun being loaded, followed by, \"WHIIIIITE PEOPLLLLLLLLLE!\"
[8:41:40 PM] w0lf: LOL
[8:41:43 PM] jaeyjay: LOL
[8:41:45 PM] belldandy: LOL
[8:41:52 PM] midorinashi: LOL
[8:42:04 PM] w0lf: oh god
[8:42:08 PM] MikiMiki: LOL
[8:42:09 PM] w0lf: jesus
-snip random messages-
[8:44:29 PM] Arche: So I book it out the back yard, go around the house, and am running down the street in order to get back home. Unfortunately I hear the sound of a gun followed by \"The white people\'s gettin\' away!\"
[8:44:34 PM] midorinashi: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
[8:44:36 PM] w0lf: LOL
[8:44:41 PM] midorinashi: I\'m laughing irl right now
[8:44:51 PM] w0lf: \"white people\'s gettin\' away\"
[8:45:03 PM] w0lf: \"hakujin ga nigeteru!!\"
[8:45:11 PM] Arche: Your dad also has bad grammar, who knew
[8:45:19 PM] MikiMiki: LOl
[8:45:28 PM] jaeyjay: Title of Game: The White Escape
Starring Arche and w0lf\'s dad
[8:45:37 PM] w0lf: xD
[8:45:37 PM] midorinashi: HAHAHA
[8:45:38 PM] Arche: And I look behind me to see something much worse (LOL jaeyjay)
[8:45:38 PM] MikiMiki: I\'d fund it
[8:45:43 PM] w0lf: oh god
[8:45:48 PM] w0lf: inb4 my mom\'s driving a tank at you
[8:45:48 PM] MikiMiki: GUYS
[8:45:54 PM] MikiMiki: LETS MAKE THIS GAME
[8:45:58 PM] w0lf: DO IT
[8:45:59 PM] MikiMiki: FUCK YES
[8:46:06 PM] Arche: It was a shotgun tied to a pitchfork
[8:46:10 PM] MikiMiki: LOL
[8:46:11 PM] w0lf: Jesus
[8:46:12 PM] midorinashi: LOL
[8:46:15 PM] Arche: And w0lf\'s dad is a big, muscular black man
[8:46:19 PM | Edited 8:46:21 PM] w0lf: LOLWUT
[8:46:19 PM] midorinashi: LOL WHAT
[8:46:23 PM] MikiMiki: OOLOL
[8:46:32 PM] jaeyjay:
[8:46:36 PM] MikiMiki: Is he stealing TVs
[8:46:36 PM] w0lf: were you sleep deprived last night by any chance?
[8:46:37 PM] MikiMiki: ?
[8:46:37 PM] midorinashi: i guess that shot gun\'s hard to reload
[8:46:38 PM] jaeyjay: it actually exists O.o
[8:46:46 PM] MikiMiki: LOL
[8:46:46 PM] midorinashi: HAHAHA JJ
[8:47:19 PM] Arche: (And now for the thrilling epilogue)
[8:47:41 PM] MikiMiki: orgy?
[8:47:46 PM] jaeyjay:
[8:47:47 PM] jaeyjay: o god
[8:47:55 PM] jaeyjay: it ACTUALLY does exist
[8:48:05 PM] MikiMiki: LOL
[8:48:21 PM] MikiMiki: I want
[8:48:29 PM] jaeyjay: me too
[8:48:38 PM] jaeyjay: the pitchfork actually is useful
[8:48:41 PM] midorinashi: i\'m scared
[8:50:54 PM] Arche: I tripped. The big black dad is charging after me, firing the shotgun rapidly. Fortunately, just in the nick of time w0lf (Now black as well) and his mom drive up in a Cadillac. w0lf gets out and pulls me up, then says, \"I\'m sorry, my dad is racist against white people. He wants to take you to Dairy Queen.\" And I turn around to see w0lf\'s dad holding a selection of Blizzards. I happily accept one, and we ride back while singing campfire songs
[8:50:56 PM] Arche: Then I woke up
[8:51:06 PM] midorinashi: HAHAHAHAHA
[8:51:12 PM] midorinashi: A BLACK w0lf
[8:51:13 PM] midorinashi: WTH
[8:51:23 PM] midorinashi: WTH IS THIS ENDING
[8:51:30 PM] midorinashi: ... Post this on Ahodomo
[8:51:30 PM] midorinashi: GO
[8:51:34 PM] MikiMiki: ^
[8:51:35 PM] jaeyjay: [8:51 PM] midorinashi:

<<< A BLACK w0lfsomeone should photoshop that :D
[8:51:38 PM] midorinashi: FANFICTION TWO
[8:51:41 PM] MikiMiki: LOl
[8:51:44 PM] midorinashi: ... we always have deredere
[8:51:49 PM] jaeyjay: [8:51 PM] midorinashi:

<<< ... Post this on AhodomoDO EET

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