By ChenXRemi on Apr 8, 2012

It was the first time I saw him in a while

And I instantly fell in love with him

The allure of his eyes, his body, and those passionate \"arm thrusts\" he did

whenever he was happy - I fell head-over-heels for him.

I took a step towards that beautiful male and called out his name.


The crowd I was in looked at me with strange eyes - I could care less, for all that mattered in the world was him.

I could feel my face flushed, my hands sweating... I ran towards him out of pure need.

And said Baby I love you~

He looked at me with a strange look in his eye - not one of curiosity, not one of anger, but on of passion.

\"I didn\'t know that you felt that way,\" he said, staring lustfully into my eyes.

And proceeded to embrace me fully

While I could have continued our embrace there, I decided to cut it short, and urge him to come back to the hotel room.

It was only a short walk from animeboston to the said hotel room

And as we entered the hotel room he turned to me and pushed me onto the bed

I said, \"pomf!=3 What are we gonna do on the bed?\"

He put his face into the nape of my neck and said...

Myaa~ and proceeded to nibble on my neck

I thought my heart would be prepared, but once he started nibbling, my heart

fluttered and I started breathing heavily.

\"A-Aahhh~ Wh-What are you doing~ W-Why does that feel so good~\"

As I felt myself warming up I felt him tearing off my clothing

I would have resented the stripping, but at that time my only goal was to fufil his every need and want.

After taking off all my clothing besides my boxers, he finally leaned down and kissed me, gently at first, but it became more passionate.

He leaned towards my face again and whispered in my ears

\"I hope you\'re ready for the time of your life.\"

Chen slowly stripped himself of his shirt, reavealing his toned (?) chest.

And I proceeded to feel hot near my special area

I blamed it on the chest - god was that chest godly.

he leaned back down and started to lick my ear, making my heart rate even faster. \"C-Chennn...\"

And then after some foreplay Chen finally started pulling down my underwear

I tried to hide myself; he let out a small laugh in response. \"Don\'t be scared.\"

And started licking my meat stick as I started to feel emberassed

It felt amazing - I never thought that such good feelings could come from that part of my body.

But even then, I wanted to show him what I was feeling right now, I wanted him to feel as good as I was.

So I started to grab for him

As I reached out my arms, I felt my hands grabbed by his.

\"No. I\'m going to finish you first.\"

B-b-but I want you to feel good too

\"It\'s okay\", he said, \"Knowing that you feel good makes me feel good too. Don\'t you feel the same?\"

\"W-Well, I-I guess... but can\'t we do it together?\"

I\'d feel bad if I did that to you

Despite what I said, he trust my hands on the bed and pinned them there.

He restarted on my chest, for he couldn\'t exactly reach down there with my hands above my head.

I start to feel ectasy when he starts again

I could feel my mind going blank as he proceeded to indulge in my nether reigons.

I couldn\'t think anymore, the only comprehensible thing that came out of my mouth was \"Chen, Chen, ahhhh, Chen! More!\"

After about 5 minutes I felt my climax of emotions

I could feel the fluids surging, putting the housekeeping work to waste.

After the white flashes disappeared, i saw him smirk at me. \"Now I\'ll let you do what ever you want.\"

I proceeded to start with Chen again

This time, not at the hotel room - once we had arrived at the convetion again, I couldn\'t hold in my sexual urges.

I faced him, \"Chen, I need you right here, right now.\"

I started to grab him

And began to feverantly press my lips against his, damning the onlooking gazes of the crowd.

He slipped his toungue into my mouth.

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