Okay, our ACTUAL plan for next season!

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Apr 3, 2012

So hi. w0lf again.

edit:herping hotlink fix\'d

Because. Guns.

First, our joint will be with Anxious-He, one of our companions from the Hayaku joint. This show is about guns, guns and more guns. Apparently some plot exists but all I care about are the guns. :D

We\'ll probably take the legacy of Hayaku here and release veryHayaku (I hope my dripping amounts of sarcasm were apparent) But no worries! Superior quality will be achieved yet again!

Because. Nostalgia.

And suddenly, PV download link
Torrent | DDL | Youtube

Our solo project will be the return of Forks, San Depletion, and more adorable NyarukoxCthuko!

Okay, maybe not so much the last one. (I hope there\'s more of it, anyway :3)

So yeah. We\'ll probably take the \"speed and quality\" route for Haiyore. We\'ll probably release within 24 hours, but don\'t be surprised if we\'re a bit late. We\'ll keep a standard of quality for this.

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