Sono Anime Subs wo Ano Natsu de Matteru(ze) 11

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Mar 27, 2012

Translation: We\'ll be waiting for those anime subs in that summer.

So hi. I wasn\'t the cause of lateness this time. I don\'t know what was. We released the day of the next episode airing \ o / Ironic fansub names ftwwww

You see, by waiting until the last minute to release, we make our viewers have to wait less between the season post-finale and the season finale! Genius!

Totally not slacking (coughtherestoftheteamcough)

(Probably(maybe)) Staff List:
Translator: w0lf
TLC: lygerzero0zero
Editors: Navycherub, Arche2, the1
Typesetting: Belldandy-sama
Timing: Arche2
Encoding: Tormaid
QC: sinkingmist, Tormaid
Distro: Tormaid

And if anyone\'s still complaining, we counter-argue with Superior Subs! It\'s super effective! Complainer has fainted! (Ep12 is finished with the TLing process, btw. Hopefully we\'ll have it out tomorrow)(the 27th)

720p 8bit:Torrent|DDL1|DDL2
720p 10bit:Torrent|DDL1|DDL2
480p XviD:Torrent|DDL1|DDL2

2 Responses

  • Midnightcoast said:
    March 27th 2012, 11:45 pm

    Only if the fanale takes less time to do than the post-finale. Thanks for the episode!

  • Havoc10K said:
    March 30th 2012, 6:41 am

    They say there is reason for everything.

    So I use Ika Musume to counter your counter-argue tactic. She is superior :)

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