W0lf Moved This Weekend So He Didn\'t Translate The Anime About Lulzy Comical Seinen Misunderstandings And Lulz Galore Ep08

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Feb 29, 2012

And I\'m back to stealing pics from EveTaku

So yeah. I moved this weekend. Very little sleep and no internet. (So I didn\'t TL... rather, I couldn\'t TL)

It was horrible.


(Probably mostly (not)correct(because I copied it from last week and I have no ideaaaa~) Staff List:
Translator: puddizzle
TLC: lygerzero0zero
Editors: Navycherub, Arche2, the1
Typesetting: Belldandy-sama
Timing: Arche2
Encoding: Tormaid
QC: sinkingmist, Tormaid
Distro: Tormaid

720p 8bit:Torrent|DDL
720p 10bit:Torrent|DDL

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