New shows for next season!

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Feb 27, 2012

Update: It turns out we will NOT be jointing Acchi Kocchi. Miscommunications. EveTaku was already doing a joint, apparently. Still, I will be helping out with the release! Make sure you watch Tsumiki Subs\' release!

A bit early, but these two will be most likely what we will be doing.


That\'s right. Over a year ago, we worked on our very first show. Haiyoru Nyaruani - Remember my Love(Craft Sensei)

And now we\'re coming back with the full anime of this hilarious flash animation show, Haiyore Nyaruko-san!

Remember our quality back then? Probably not. You probably didn\'t know we existed. Well let me give you an idea. Here\'s msm595 typing on my account.

We first found a share-raw for our releases. We then imported this share-raw into After Effects and applied (poorly typeset) karaoke effects to it and encoded it with After Effects to a 5+GB file, which was already poorer quality than the share-raw. We finally encoded this 5+GB file with x264, with horrendous settings, plunging the final stab into the beast that was our quality.

Since then, we have learned a lot xD.

And an example of one of my first ever TL scripts.

Yeah. We\'ve come a long way.

So for our second show,

Except this one will be a joint with EveTaku. That\'s right. We\'re bringing back good \'ol AhoTaku!

The show\'s Acchi Kocchi, btw.

So yeah. That\'s out plan at the current moment. Subject to change, bla bla bla. The usual crap.

5 Responses

  • Na Kanon said:
    February 28th 2012, 4:48 am

    I\'ll definitely watch these 2 shows. I\'m glad a good fansub like Ahodomo will do the subbing.

  • Havoc10K said:
    February 28th 2012, 7:21 am

    I like the Tako on her hair :)


  • Sir_Lexa said:
    February 28th 2012, 7:45 pm

    Acchi Kocchi? Now It\'s confirmed. I\'m watching it :) (Well I would probably anyway watch it. But it\'s good to know I\'ll get some quality subs)

  • Havoc10K said:
    February 28th 2012, 11:25 pm

    I would likely watch as well, but I think commie are the only ones other than ahodomo and co to pick this up so if it wasn\'t for w0lf\'s rain I would probably skip till BDs, cuz I really dislike commie\'s crap.

  • Havoc10K said:
    February 29th 2012, 9:27 am

    So like, I just yelled at w0lf on BBT.

    HAYAKU !!!

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