Drunken KannaCat and Delicious Nyaa~ Because W0lf Loves Catgirls Episode 07

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Feb 21, 2012

No, I did not steal from EveTaku. Look, they\'re two different images! I swear!


I was the slowest link in the chain this week, though orz. I\'m usually the guy who finishes first and waits around for 48 hours. Then again, if the TLer didn\'t do shit first, then who will? So yeah. I play in UGC Highlanders for TF2 and monday nights are matches so... I was like \"Well, I have no school and I have highlanders later. I guess I\'ll just play Minecraft LPs with my friend and blow off TLing since we won\'t be ready until thursday anyway\"

Little was I expecting Lygerzero0zero to come onto my server and start yelling at me to TL ; _ ;

Anyway, enough short stories. Release time.

(Probably mostly correct) Staff List:
Translator: w0lf
TLC: lygerzero0zero
Editors: Navycherub, Arche2, the1
Typesetting: Belldandy-sama
Timing: Arche2
Encoding: Tormaid
QC: sinkingmist, Tormaid
Distro: Tormaid

Quoting Tormaid from Anxious-He quoting me.

This episode according to our translator:

you know
this episode
of ano natsu
is fucking beautiful
friendship is as precious as diamonds bro


Quoting quotes ftw.

edit: DDLs up

720p 8bit:Torrent|DDL
720p 10bit:TorrentDDL

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