Comical Seinen Romance of Certain Misunderstandings Ep 04

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Jan 31, 2012

I wonder if anyone will see this alt text.

Ahodomo Fansubs. Stealing release post pics from Evetaku since summer 2011

Well wazzup, gaiz. I\'m making the release post because I have a free period at school right now and we\'ve, by dear god, released sort of on time.

Actually, we DID release on time. It\'s under 24 hours.

Anyway, more misunderstandings, lulz, large tits (though I prefer DFC) and other miscellanious anime related things that you get in anime.

Did I mention that I TLed the entire episode in just under 80 minutes? :D New speed TLing record! (But don\'t worry, I have lyger-chan-sama TLC real well :D)

Translator: w0lf [AD]
TLC: lygerzero0zero [ET]
Timer: Arche2 [AD]
Editors: NavyCherub [AH], Arche2 [AD], the1 [ET], Jeffrey-sama [ET]
Typesetting: peeaivo [AH], Tormaid [AH]
QC: sinkingmist [ET], Tormaid [AH]
Encoding: Tormaid [AH]
Distro: distro-nyan [AH]

720p|10bit: Torrent|DDL1|DDL2 Password is EveTaku

720p|8bit: Torrent|DDL1|DDL2 Password is, whaddayaknow, EveTaku

XviD later. (Whenever Kage finishes them :D)

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