So yet another huge twist in plans.

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Jan 6, 2012

Due to about way-too-many-things-in-the-space-of-six-hour happening, many things were changed and/or decided last night. (and in the confusion, I forgot to post the update.)

We\'re dropping Kill Me Baby.

The \"super joint\" I talked about was between Aho, Evetaku. UTW, and a few other groups. Unfortunately, I\'ve been asked to not disclose the reasons why the other groups aside from Eve and us had to pull out. They had a good reason, though.

Anyway, we\'re coming back with yet another joint... And a familiar title.

We\'ll be doing Ano Natsu de Matteiru as a triple joint between Aho, Evetaku, and Anxious-He. They\'re a relativelu new group but they all seem to know what they\'re doing. (and I only said new \"group.\" some of them have some considerable experience.)

Anyway, the show airs mondays. We are still considering picking up a second show still, but we\'ll see about that. We\'re behind on BD releases. (by uh, maybe 15 volumes or so >.>;;)

Tl;dr, we\'re dropping KMB and re-picking up Ano Natsu with plans to get off our asses and pump those BDs out.

P.S. Lygerzero0zero, I love you, brah.

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