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Minami-ke Omatase - OVA

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Oct 22, 2012

Take the man\'s word. Mayonnaise.

Hi everyone, we released yet another thing. Solo this time.

Man, this thing was pretty damn funny to translate. Some puns took a bit to figure out like \"Trick and Creep,\" but eh what the hell. It was fun. I also decided to learn how to kfx finally, so the OP/ED are both done by me, who learned kfxing in 6 hours, but I think it looks pretty nice. Tell me what you guys think :3 We also decided to screw around a bit on the insert song kfx so you\'ll see the spotlights and all, lol

Anyway, links.


Edit: Due to a sign we tweaked during QC getting messed up with layering issues, here is a delta patch to fix it. We\'ll be releasing a v2 soon. XDelta Patch

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 02

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Oct 16, 2012

I\'m going to have difficulty getting Stereotypical Southern Hick Aoyama out of my head.

Welcome back, ladies and mentlegen! This lovely monday Tuesday morning at 5am, Aho-Taku is proud to present Sakurasou no Pet na-- aw fuck it. You get the point.

Anyway, we managed to realllyyy speed things up as you might notice. Not only a 24 hour release, but if we didn\'t have some technical issues with the raw and the .pass file, we could probably have released 4-5 hours earlier. One of our typesetters had IRL obligations for a while as well, so taking all of that into account... I\'m actually pretty damn proud that we pulled off a release in one night. Of course, a few of us sacrificed a lot of sleep for it, but whatever. (lyger, msm595, and I)

Fun fact: Miki\'s internet derped and was acting all funky so I had to copypaste the entire 400+ line script to him... over skype.

TL: Escro[E]
TLC: w0lf[A]/Lyger[E]
Edit: Arche[A]
Timer: Miki[A/E],w0lf[A],Lyger[E] (Dammit Miki.)
TS: msm595[A]/nINJAkECIL[E]
kfxer: Calyrica[E]
Encode: Nevreen[E]
QC: w0lf[A], Lyger[E]
Mux/Release: w0lf[A], Lyger[E]

Anyway, torrents and links and stuff.

720p - Torrent|DepositFiles|Turbobit
480p - Torrent|DepositFiles|Turbobit

Yeah, We Released Something. Sakurasou Or Something Like That.

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Oct 11, 2012

This is how the typesetters feel after finishing this episode.

Edit: Please note that for optimal playback, you should have xy-vsfilter installed along with whatever else you have for playback.

Hi everyone. We\'re back with a joint with EveTaku to bring you Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo!

And yeah. We got delayed because typesets were a bit hellish and we originally only had one TSer (msm595) and this show (or at least episode) had WAY too much of a workload for one TSer to do a proper job on. Thanks to Lyger for helping out in the time of need. (We\'ll be increasing our TS firepower starting next week so the delays should be a one-time thing.)

Anyway, yeah.

TL: Escro[E]/lyger[E]
TLC: w0lf[A]/Rekyu[E]/Puddi[E]
Edit: Arche[A]/Kagecode[E]
Timer: Miki[A/E]
TS: msm595[A]/lyger[E]
kfxer: Calyrica[E]
Encode: Nevreen[E]
QC: w0lf[A], JaeyJay[A], Lyger[E], Nevreen[E]
Mux/Release: w0lf[A], Lyger[E]


Torrent: 720p

DDL: DepositFiles|Turbobit

Yeah. We ACTUALLY are alive. Subbing Plans.

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Sep 27, 2012

Yeah. We sort of had a breath of life for a week then proceeded to enter a month long slumber. Or was it two months? Whatever. We have plans for fall season.

Can\'t tell if it\'s 5 girls and 2 guys or 4 girls and 3 guys.

We\'ll be jointing with EveTaku yet again to bring you AhoTaku for the fall season. And uh, not much else. Random things will happen and announcements will come with it.

Hope to see you in a couple of weeks!

Touhou Musou Kakyou ~ A Summer Day\'s Dream 02

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Aug 12, 2012

Even though this release image has nothing to do with the anime...

Anyway hi. We\'re back. We\'re not dead.(Proof, this time!) And we\'re back with the subs for the 4 years awaited MAIKAZE Touhou OVA! Episode 2 only took four years for them to make! I\'ll be out of undergraduate school by the time episode 3 comes out! \ o /

Anyway, this release was a hell of a mess. I didn\'t realize this thing came out until I woke up, after which I proceeded to sit down, grab chips, and type away as I TLed this thing at furious speeds.(Contrary to popular belief, I CAN translate quickly when I feel like it. Remember ano natsu when I TLed a full ep in 50 minutes?)

Anyway, yeah. The full story\'s over on the nyaa description. But hell, here\'s the credits list.

TLer: w0lf
TLCer w0lf, Puddizzle(aka Yumirose), Lygerzero0zero
Timer: Arche
TSer: msm595, lunr
Editor: Arche, Jeffrey-sama
k-timer: w0lf, puddizzle
kfx-er: puddizzle
Styler: w0lf
QCer: w0lf, Arche, ippikiryu

Aaaand the link to torrent.

v0 until we find a higher res source... nico nico rip being the highest res available atm.

Torrent v0 360p And DDL v0 360p - DepositFiles

Also, not that anyone visiting this site would care because they have nyaa and DDL, but we also have a Youtube upload of the v0.


v1 with 576p is coming shortly. Encodes are done and the weird resolution is because it\'s the max DVD upscale allowed by Nyaa torrents. Though an \"upscale,\" we\'ve done enough encoding magics, with the help of Tormaid from Anxious-He, that we gotten it to the point that the fact that it\'s an upscale isn\'t even noticeable. \ o /

We\'ll make another post for the v1, so check back in a few days or something!

We\'re... sort of alive?

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Jun 20, 2012

Hi. I didn\'t die (quite) and the group\'s (sort of) alive as well.

Here\'re our plans.

Nyaruko: Release as BDs come out because we\'re lacking like half the transport streams and lolshareraws.

Jormunbitch: I don\'t fucking know. Go ask Anxious-He. I don\'t think they know either. I\'m pretty sure ep 4\'s been ready to release for at least a week... unless they released without me knowing.

Summer plans: lol. (To be more exact, I\'m away for 7 of the 12 weeks of summer. I don\'t think doing a show over the summer is a great idea)(Lol college programs.)

So anyway, we are again, sort of alive at the current time. We\'ll be back full force once fall season starts.

You can still catch me (w0lf) over on IRC, though. #Evetaku seems to be my main channel nowadays, though... lol.

I\'m Sorry

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on May 9, 2012

I\'ve been getting very little sleep over the past few weeks due to an ungodly amount of combined music and academic work. Hell, I even deleted almost every game I had to keep me from getting distracted and actually do all my work. I\'ll be straight up and honest. I haven\'t even translated jormunxplosions 4. Much less, 5. I\'m extremely sorry to everyone who\'s out there waiting for our releases. If you want to watch nyaruko and jormunboom 3-4 and 4, respectively, then DL our release later for archiving purposes, I won\'t take any offense. It\'s not fair to everyone out there waiting for us to release.

To clear any misconceptions that may be out there: No. We have not dropped any of our projects, nor do we plan on doing so. It\'s just as the translator, all the work begins with me and since I\'m the one dying, obviously nothing else can get done.

Again, I\'m extremely sorry to anyone waiting for us, but this delay might last until the end of the week.

tl;dr w0lf is a faggot

Arche\'s Dream

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on May 4, 2012

Why am I posting this? Cuz I fucking can.

[8:38:20 PM] Arche: Mm, w0lf, have I told you about the dream I had where I went to your house?
[8:38:27 PM] midorinashi: sexy
[8:38:41 PM] MikiMiki: kinky
[8:38:48 PM] belldandy: Oh my...
[8:39:34 PM] w0lf: Arche, no you haven\'t. What happened? :O
[8:40:50 PM] Arche: Well, we decided on playing a PS3 game. So we\'re in front of your tv, turn on Metal Gear Solid 4, then halfway through the first loading screen you just shut the console off and say \"I think you better run. My dad\'s home.\"
[8:41:07 PM] midorinashi: ... LOL
[8:41:11 PM] midorinashi: why is this already funny
[8:41:21 PM] jaeyjay: why can i imagine that happening...
[8:41:25 PM] w0lf: I\'m laughing already...
[8:41:26 PM] jaeyjay: actually
[8:41:34 PM] Arche: I\'m like, \"Wait. Why\'s that a problem?\"
Then I hear a car door slam, followed by the sound of a shotgun being loaded, followed by, \"WHIIIIITE PEOPLLLLLLLLLE!\"
[8:41:40 PM] w0lf: LOL
[8:41:43 PM] jaeyjay: LOL
[8:41:45 PM] belldandy: LOL
[8:41:52 PM] midorinashi: LOL
[8:42:04 PM] w0lf: oh god
[8:42:08 PM] MikiMiki: LOL
[8:42:09 PM] w0lf: jesus
-snip random messages-
[8:44:29 PM] Arche: So I book it out the back yard, go around the house, and am running down the street in order to get back home. Unfortunately I hear the sound of a gun followed by \"The white people\'s gettin\' away!\"
[8:44:34 PM] midorinashi: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
[8:44:36 PM] w0lf: LOL
[8:44:41 PM] midorinashi: I\'m laughing irl right now
[8:44:51 PM] w0lf: \"white people\'s gettin\' away\"
[8:45:03 PM] w0lf: \"hakujin ga nigeteru!!\"
[8:45:11 PM] Arche: Your dad also has bad grammar, who knew
[8:45:19 PM] MikiMiki: LOl
[8:45:28 PM] jaeyjay: Title of Game: The White Escape
Starring Arche and w0lf\'s dad
[8:45:37 PM] w0lf: xD
[8:45:37 PM] midorinashi: HAHAHA
[8:45:38 PM] Arche: And I look behind me to see something much worse (LOL jaeyjay)
[8:45:38 PM] MikiMiki: I\'d fund it
[8:45:43 PM] w0lf: oh god
[8:45:48 PM] w0lf: inb4 my mom\'s driving a tank at you
[8:45:48 PM] MikiMiki: GUYS
[8:45:54 PM] MikiMiki: LETS MAKE THIS GAME
[8:45:58 PM] w0lf: DO IT
[8:45:59 PM] MikiMiki: FUCK YES
[8:46:06 PM] Arche: It was a shotgun tied to a pitchfork
[8:46:10 PM] MikiMiki: LOL
[8:46:11 PM] w0lf: Jesus
[8:46:12 PM] midorinashi: LOL
[8:46:15 PM] Arche: And w0lf\'s dad is a big, muscular black man
[8:46:19 PM | Edited 8:46:21 PM] w0lf: LOLWUT
[8:46:19 PM] midorinashi: LOL WHAT
[8:46:23 PM] MikiMiki: OOLOL
[8:46:32 PM] jaeyjay:
[8:46:36 PM] MikiMiki: Is he stealing TVs
[8:46:36 PM] w0lf: were you sleep deprived last night by any chance?
[8:46:37 PM] MikiMiki: ?
[8:46:37 PM] midorinashi: i guess that shot gun\'s hard to reload
[8:46:38 PM] jaeyjay: it actually exists O.o
[8:46:46 PM] MikiMiki: LOL
[8:46:46 PM] midorinashi: HAHAHA JJ
[8:47:19 PM] Arche: (And now for the thrilling epilogue)
[8:47:41 PM] MikiMiki: orgy?
[8:47:46 PM] jaeyjay:
[8:47:47 PM] jaeyjay: o god
[8:47:55 PM] jaeyjay: it ACTUALLY does exist
[8:48:05 PM] MikiMiki: LOL
[8:48:21 PM] MikiMiki: I want
[8:48:29 PM] jaeyjay: me too
[8:48:38 PM] jaeyjay: the pitchfork actually is useful
[8:48:41 PM] midorinashi: i\'m scared
[8:50:54 PM] Arche: I tripped. The big black dad is charging after me, firing the shotgun rapidly. Fortunately, just in the nick of time w0lf (Now black as well) and his mom drive up in a Cadillac. w0lf gets out and pulls me up, then says, \"I\'m sorry, my dad is racist against white people. He wants to take you to Dairy Queen.\" And I turn around to see w0lf\'s dad holding a selection of Blizzards. I happily accept one, and we ride back while singing campfire songs
[8:50:56 PM] Arche: Then I woke up
[8:51:06 PM] midorinashi: HAHAHAHAHA
[8:51:12 PM] midorinashi: A BLACK w0lf
[8:51:13 PM] midorinashi: WTH
[8:51:23 PM] midorinashi: WTH IS THIS ENDING
[8:51:30 PM] midorinashi: ... Post this on Ahodomo
[8:51:30 PM] midorinashi: GO
[8:51:34 PM] MikiMiki: ^
[8:51:35 PM] jaeyjay: [8:51 PM] midorinashi:

<<< A BLACK w0lfsomeone should photoshop that :D
[8:51:38 PM] midorinashi: FANFICTION TWO
[8:51:41 PM] MikiMiki: LOl
[8:51:44 PM] midorinashi: ... we always have deredere
[8:51:49 PM] jaeyjay: [8:51 PM] midorinashi:

<<< ... Post this on AhodomoDO EET

Jormunguns 03

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on May 3, 2012

Holy shit, we released only a week late!

Uh, screencap later. I don\'t have the files and am at school atm.

Anyway a comment on the release, we sort of actually knew what everyone was doing for the most part. Also, Koko she is loco I said OH NO.

Episode: Torrent | Magnet
OP/ED: Torrent | Magnet

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