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Index-tan 4

By Belldandy-sama on Sep 25, 2011


Index-tan is finally here

Sup, Belldandy-sama here, after a while on finding a better quality raw, I just said screw it and encoded the DVD myself.

We would have released this sooner, but we the raw we found was what we thought broken. So we held it off until we found a better quality raw. A few months pass and nothing, so I found the DVD ISO of Index-tan and encode it myself, and found that the problem was with JC Staff.

So, if you experience a cut out in the credits randomly, blame JC Staff and not us. Sorry for taking so long, but I hope you enjoy it.


To Aru Majutsu no Index-tan 04

By Arche on Jun 24, 2011

After six months of waiting, Ahodomo proudly presents the fourth episode of To Aru Majutsu no Index-tan!

(Torrent) | (.ass)

You\'ll likely notice the v0 in the torrent name. As explained in the description, not unlike episode 3 this was done with the first raw on hand because God knows if we\'ll find a higher quality one in the near future. When we do (Feel free to let us know if one pops up), we\'ll reupload ASAP.

Currently we have even less staff missing, so this episode was done by me, Belldandy-sama (Who I forgot to mention last week for assisting with Nichijou. Give him a welcome as another quality checker), and d4rk (Who did damn near everything that wasn\'t editing on his own. APPLAUSE)

Fun fact: This episode more or less marks 6 months that we\'ve been subbing. Here\'s hoping to improve and continue (Not necessarily in that order)

Index-tan 03

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Jan 25, 2011

Well guys, surprise surprise, we found Index-tan 03, which hasn\'t aired yet, lying around. Naturally we jumped onto the chance to get this thing subbed and out ASAP.

Here\'s the link to it

So here\'s the story. On our forums, (Key & Kyoto Animation Fan Forums), a guy posted in a thread the video off of youtube. We didn\'t realize it hadn\'t aired yet for several hours. After I asked if anyone had subbed it or not, we set out to find out, and then learned that this ep airs wednesday (or today I suppose)

So yeah, this time I found the 720p rip.

Credits as usual, Alex for typesetting, Swizzle and I for translating, Arche for being Mr. English Major/EC, and Jason for beign QC/EC

Enjoy ~degeso

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