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Unfortunate News, As Well As Good Ones

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Jul 10, 2011

Well, maybe, maybe not.

Bad News Part

We\'re going to drop Ikoku Meiro no Croisee for the summer season.

Why? Simple. We\'re just way too understaffed. There\'s only so much that 5 people, who are mostly high school students with a lot of other time commitments, can do as far as subbing goes.

Yeah, just 5 of us were trying to sub 3 shows in one season. It\'s like trying to climb Mt. Everest in your damn boxers and with toothpicks for icepicks. Sure, you can try. You\'re just damn likely to fall short along the way.

Anyways, we still love the show, we love Yune, we love everything about it. It\'s just of our three shows, Ikoku has the least obligations for us.

We can\'t drop Ro Kyu Bu because we\'re doing a joint with EveTaku and it\'d simply be selfish and bastardly on our end to drop it.

Can\'t drop Nichijou because I won\'t allow it. I\'ve spent way too damn much time on this show to let it best us halfway through. (Not to mention it\'s our first \"real\" show\" that we picked up. It\'s got it\'s worth.)

Sort of Better News Part

In other new though, we\'re going to be completely revamping the way our team works.

\"What the hell does that mean?\" you ask?

Simple, I\'m going to have everyone relearn the way we sub. Everyone starts from square one. Everyone improves their skill. Everyone improves their speed. I realize that our recent releases have been dropping quality, so much to the point that I was forced to release a v0 for our latest release of Nichijou. This all going to change.

I\'m not going to say you\'ll see changes next week. No, that\'s simply unrealistic. But, I\'ll make damn sure that whatever happens, you\'ll only see improvements from here on out. Think of our Nichijou 15 as our rock bottom point. Things will only improve from there.

Many things have been factors in my recent changes of attitudes. Before, I was a gung-ho! type of person, steaming full speed ahead and not giving a damn about what most haters said. I mean, that\'s nice in a sense, but it won\'t work in some cases.

Anyways, I\'ve already deleted like 10 paragraphs because they were just me ranting, but point being.

We\'re at a shaky point in our subbing career, but we\'ll be back with nothing but improvements.

Nichijou episode 14

By Arche on Jul 3, 2011

New episode, right on time! With a new opening and ending too!

This marks the start of the summer anime season, and we do plan on picking up something else to sub. More on that when we actually do it.

Nichijou episode 14 (720p torrent) | (.ass) | (XviD soon)

Nichijou episode 13

By Arche on Jun 26, 2011

Wow, already this show has reached the halfway point!

Nichijou, episode 13: Torrent | .ass


  • 7h3d4rkw0lf (Translating, typesetting)
  • Arche (Typesetting*, editing)
  • Belldandy-sama (Typesetting*, editing)
  • * Learned how to typeset for this episode

    EDIT: w0lf: \"The pic says, \"Mai, is this also a joke?\"\"

    Nichijou episode 12

    By Arche on Jun 19, 2011

    We. Are. Back!

    With a hilarious episode of Nichijou as well. Enjoy, everyone!

    Nichijou episode 12 (Torrent) | (.ass)

    Fun things happened this week.

    (1) Our main typesetters/encoders continue to be AWOL. This episode was done entirely by me, Jaeyjay (Who learned to do signs for this), and d4rk (Who learned to encode for this). Because of how recent this was, I will warn signs etc. won\'t be as pretty as normal, but they will do. Give them a clap, folks

    (2) Jaeyjay\'s internet blew out. Twice.

    (3) I love this song.

    (4) Episodes 10 and 11 are being worked on, priority tonight went to the new release.

    Hiatus- part 2

    By Arche on Jun 11, 2011

    (See title)

    So yeah. Both of our typesetters are away from the internet (And likely out of the country, for that matter). Because of this, Nichijou 10+11 will continue to be on hold. Once one or the other shows up again we\'ll be sure to get started on working.

    Until then,

    Hiatus for Ep 10

    By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Jun 3, 2011

    So as you might know, we\'ve been discussing the possibility of putting Nichijou Ep 10 on hold for this week due to final exams.

    Turns out we\'ll be going forward with that plan. We saw exactly how bad our release was last week (Ep 09) when finals were still a week and a half later, so I can only imagine how terrible our release will be this week, 3 days before finals...

    What we\'ll probably do for next week, is sub ep 11 as we would normally do, and then release ep 10 sometime during the week as school will be out then.

    Also, our main typesetter/encoder/distro/everything else, msm595 will be going on a service trip to China 2 weeks so he\'ll be out on eps 11 and 12. During this time, lego6245 will be doing the typesetting and myself the encoding/distro/everything else.

    Then, skipping forward to August, I myself will be in Japland for family visits (and comiket) for a month so... not sure how subbing is going to work. I\'ll likely have to wake up early (4-5AM) on sunday and sub with the team, who\'d be around 6-7PM, saturday and do the TL (and probably go back to sleep afterwards)

    Anyways lots of chaos approaching in the upcoming summer. We\'ll try to keep stuff rolling :P

    Now enjoy a beautiful picture of Misaka, who is completely unrelated to Nichijou


    Kill me...

    By 7h3d4rkw0lf on May 29, 2011

    Warning, if you think is tl;dr, just skip to the end please.

    So, as you may know, our ep 9 was pretty disastrous for several reasons. First of all, let\'s take a look at the final product. Dur to miscommunications, we forgot to edit in parts of the sus (around 18:00ish onwards to the end) not to mentio our v1 subs were made to work with 480p or something...

    Now let\'s take a look at why shit turned out this way. (Though to be honest this is more of just an excuse post)

    Anyways, it\'s some holiday weekend or whatever, I honestly don\'t even know what that holiday is. Nor do I care enough to look it up. Final exams are coming up for 4 of the 5 members of the team. You know what that means? It means we\'re all stressed out like hell. You what that means? It affects our thought process (at least we can\'t seem to think coherently for extended periods of time, anyways...)

    You know what else sucks? Having half the team disappear cuz parents are faggots and they take the poor kid out to eat or force them to deal with a bunch of guests that the poor kid doesn\'t give two flipping rats asses about. You know what else sucks? The TLer having an audition, blood test, hair cut, 4 hours of martial arts, and having to practice 2 hours for Juilliard auditions all in one day, and then squeeze in time to TL a full episode single handedly and stick around for the edits.

    Know what else sucks? Life sucks.

    Now I\'m just getting into a negativity ramble. Whatever.

    tl;dr, exams are two days after episode 10 airs. You guys decide, you want us to just not sub ep 10 and wait till exams are over, then we\'ll get both ep 10 and 11 out? Or do you want us to work on ep 10 anyways, but with little to no guarentee on what the fuck is going to happen.

    In other news v3 of ep 9

    edit: Apparently I don\'t know how to use MarkDown either... ugh time to go sleep in a corner

    edit2: I\'ll just go into my happy corner and go through Misaka pics like this one

    edit3: Good god I\'m just going to go take a few cyanide pills now. I forgot to include styles in the last .ass file update. Thistime I put the styles in and even included all fonts used in Nichijou

    Edit 4: v3 torrent | v3 subs | v2->v3 patch

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