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Unfortunate News, As Well As Good Ones

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Jul 10, 2011

Well, maybe, maybe not.

Bad News Part

We\'re going to drop Ikoku Meiro no Croisee for the summer season.

Why? Simple. We\'re just way too understaffed. There\'s only so much that 5 people, who are mostly high school students with a lot of other time commitments, can do as far as subbing goes.

Yeah, just 5 of us were trying to sub 3 shows in one season. It\'s like trying to climb Mt. Everest in your damn boxers and with toothpicks for icepicks. Sure, you can try. You\'re just damn likely to fall short along the way.

Anyways, we still love the show, we love Yune, we love everything about it. It\'s just of our three shows, Ikoku has the least obligations for us.

We can\'t drop Ro Kyu Bu because we\'re doing a joint with EveTaku and it\'d simply be selfish and bastardly on our end to drop it.

Can\'t drop Nichijou because I won\'t allow it. I\'ve spent way too damn much time on this show to let it best us halfway through. (Not to mention it\'s our first \"real\" show\" that we picked up. It\'s got it\'s worth.)

Sort of Better News Part

In other new though, we\'re going to be completely revamping the way our team works.

\"What the hell does that mean?\" you ask?

Simple, I\'m going to have everyone relearn the way we sub. Everyone starts from square one. Everyone improves their skill. Everyone improves their speed. I realize that our recent releases have been dropping quality, so much to the point that I was forced to release a v0 for our latest release of Nichijou. This all going to change.

I\'m not going to say you\'ll see changes next week. No, that\'s simply unrealistic. But, I\'ll make damn sure that whatever happens, you\'ll only see improvements from here on out. Think of our Nichijou 15 as our rock bottom point. Things will only improve from there.

Many things have been factors in my recent changes of attitudes. Before, I was a gung-ho! type of person, steaming full speed ahead and not giving a damn about what most haters said. I mean, that\'s nice in a sense, but it won\'t work in some cases.

Anyways, I\'ve already deleted like 10 paragraphs because they were just me ranting, but point being.

We\'re at a shaky point in our subbing career, but we\'ll be back with nothing but improvements.
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