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Haiyoru Ep5

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Jan 18, 2011

Yeah sup guys, we did ep5 first cuz it\'s been out for a few days and no has subbed it. Not to mention AonE isn\'t doing a very quick job of subbing...

My apologies on the last line, it would appear I was stupid.

Download the torrent at nyaa (clicky here)

tis the torrent, go trigger happy.

-The Ahodomo team

ps. we\'re adding subs for karaoke now, the first few lines, we know the \"wa\" makes the words adjectives for the subjects but using some translational freedom, making


Anata wa yuujyou, yuujyou!

Your friendship, your friendship!


Watashi wa aijyou, aijyou!

My love, my love


Futari wa jyoujyou, jyoujyou!

We together are the greatest, the greatest!

might make more sense in english, like, \"Your friendship, my love, we together are the greatest\"

S don\'t go bashing on us over that.

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