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Haiyoru! Nyaruani episodes 04 + 09

By Arche on Feb 13, 2011

Good news, everyone: We\'re FINALLY caught up with the Haiyoru episodes released so far and more!

Download episode four on Nyaa here

(Note from Alex: There was a problem setting the font, leaving it at a default. We\'ll be fixing it in a batch when the series is completed.)

Furthermore, episode nine has been translated and completed:

Download episode nine on Nyaa

Well there SHOULD be an image related to episode 9 here... (Admit it, this would be the awesomest boss in any dungeon crawler.)

Haiyoru! Nyaruani episode 08

By Arche on Feb 12, 2011

Once again, I\'d like to apologize to everyone for being so freaking late on this episode. We\'ve made sure our Index-obsessed-PSP-obsessed translator has learned his lesson on delaying translating, and episode nine is currently being worked on as I type this.

Now here\'s a link for a torrent for episode 8

An episode 8 screencap should be here >> \"Hey, guess who\'s having fun while you\'re not!!\"

Picture of best girl ever goes here Also, I\'ll just be leaving this here in order to spite D4rk for the Misaka post last night.

Ok seriously...

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Jan 23, 2011

For all those that are bitching that \"we aren\'t spelling the names properly\", will you please grow a pair and just shut up? We\'re following spellings provided by ANN which you can read for yourself here

Last time I checked, ANN was a plenty reliable, and official source of information. If they provide an alternative spelling and we want to spell it that way, guess fucking what, we\'ll spell the fucking name that way.

And it\'s a goddamn name, it\'s not a Japanese name so spelling will always be a gray area, so seriously, can you all stfu? If you\'re really going to start raging and flaming over NAME SPELLING, then you guys seriously need to just... I\'m going to stop here before it turns into a full blown rant.


Haiyoru Ep 06

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Jan 22, 2011

So here\'s episode 6 of Haiyoru Nyaruani ~ Remember My Love (Craft Sensei)

Finding a raw was pretty annoying lol.

Oh, and here\'s ep 02 as well

so we\'ll get eps 3 and 4 subbed this week, and we might even pick up a new show that\'s finished airing, but hasn\'t really been subbed.

Oh and the reason why 3 and 4 weren\'t subbed this week is because me being an idiot, I was making myself run on 2 hours of sleep for over a week, and I sort of just crashed and burned :P

So basically I ws really tired around 11PM so I told everyone that I should probably take a nap, and I set my iPod alarm to 12:15 (my alarm plays the songs, \"Level 5 Judgelight\", \"Future Gazer\", and \"only my railgun\" in that order (cuz the most epic is saved for last). Anyways, I had my headphones, which are in-ear btw, and wrapped it around my neck + put it in my ears.

Apparently I slept straight through all three songs blasting full volume directly in my ear, I woke up the next morning with the headphones still in my ear.

Anyways enough life stories, enjoy!

-Ahodomo team (but mostly just 7h3d4rkw0lf rambling)


BBT, this should be more than enough proof that it\'s pingryanime right?

Haiyoru Nyaruani ep 01

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Jan 20, 2011

So here\'s ep 01, subbed by us of course

I swear to god, our group dwells and argues on the stupidest parts. We were literally discussing how to phrase and split one sentence for nearly an hour. (although this also means we\'re passionate about the subs lulz)

So also, we have a new member on the team. He goes by JaeyJay or Jason, and he\'ll be part of our EC/QC team, alongside Aaron (quoting him, now he won\'t have to shoulder all the blame if some error gets through :P)



Yes please Kuuko, :P

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