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Acchi Kocchi Ep 01!!

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Apr 9, 2012

Because, all the typesetters. (Actually, that\'s only half an episode

So i only stole the release pic this time. Yay! I don\'t even know why I\'m writing a release post. I\'m the only one from Ahodomo working on this \ o / (not to mention, I only TL half an ep. Yay)

So sup. I guess Aho\'s working on three shows this season... Right? Maybe? Hopefully?!

Whatever, I went to AnimeBoston today. It was meh. It\'s a sunday, I had no money($50 for purchases) and i didn\'t know about a-boston until saturday where i coincidentally met a friend in boston visiting colleges. So he was like, \"Yo, man. You should go to AnimeBoston with me.\" and i was like, \"Sure.\" and yeah. I went with no knowledge of anything and no crossplay outfit. Bleh.

Enough ramblings, though.

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Enjoy the first release from Tsumiki Fansubs! (A super quad joint!)

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