Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo 04

By 7h3d4rkw0lf on Nov 1, 2012

No screencap because there is no fucking way I\'m downloading our release with 10kbs mall internet

So essentially the ENTIRE Ahodomo team died with Hurricane Sandy, much like how we died last year with Blizzard Fantastique. I still don\'t have power nor am I expecting to get it for another ~4-5 days so Ahodomo ~may be out of commission for episode 5 as well. In the meantime, I\'ve managed to find a way to a local mall and am charging PSP, DS, iphone, ipod, and three laptops at the moment. Hoping this\'ll keep me going for another few days >.>

Anyway, this was released a few days ago but apparently no one from Aho bothered posting it so I\'m doing it now.

Translator: escro[E]
TLC: lyger[E]
Editor: Nevreen[E]
Timer: UtaxSilence[E]
Typesetter: lyger[E]/nINJAkECIL[E]
Kfxer: Calyrica[E]
Encoder: Nevreen[E]
QC: lyger[E]
Distro: Botan

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