Nichijou episode 26 (FINAL)

By Arche on Sep 25, 2011

9/24/11, never forget

And today ends not only our second show of the season, but also our first 26 episode show, and our first full-length show. We\'ve learned more things than we would like to name the hard way, but, and I\'ve been saying this a lot, thank you very much to everyone who has watched us the whole way through!

Torrent | DDL (Thank you, Nitroswii)

I asked the guys if they\'d like to give any final words

W0lf: \"Still beat HS. fuckyar..\"

Ippikryu: \"Why the fuck is there an SR-71 in the roof of the school?\"

Arche: \"Great show, definitely one of Kyoani\'s best.\"

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